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  10. hms_tireless disse:Caro Hornet: Já que o Gripen NG não seria o melhor vetor para a FAB, qual a justificativa para a escolha do Rafale, salvo a preferência do Governo Federal, é claro!

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  20. Sólo te discuto una nota, Rafa: „ataca a los Nacionalismos”. Es cierto, pero es conveniente que no olvidemos que lo hace con los nacionalismos periféricos desde un mayor nacionalismo: el español, valor prioritario para él.Si fuera crítico con los nacionalismos como ideología irracional que han demostrado ser, personalmente no lo consideraría una nota negativa.Un abrazo

  21. ”Get the ball – slow the game down – keep moving the ball in the final third – move it to the flanks – poor cross – blocked by opposition. Rinse and repeat.”……………………100% agree with u mate..when will we not to be too predictable?come on….Chelsea…i don’t want o lose hope until May…football is soo boring when u have no hope of silverware…Reply

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  49. Favorite Star Trek quote:KIRK: Pointing over his shoulder-”Where do you think you are? Back on Earth?”SPOCK: Pointing downward-”Earth is more in that general direction.”

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